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Everything You Need to Know About Light Duty

No matter how many safety programs you have in place, and no matter what you tell your employees, it’s going to happen. Someone will get hurt on the job and be unable to perform at full capacity and productivity while they recover. What are your options when this happens? You can let them stay home and recover while your workers’ compensation policy pays their full wages, or you can consider offering “light duty” to allow them to come back to work and do other tasks until they’re ready to get back to work. Before you offer light duty, here are a few things you need to know. Light duty is not a requirement for your employees. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows employees to refuse offers of light duty and still retain their FMLA leave rights. Workers’ compensation benefits can require your employees take advantage of light duty. While FMLA rights are a guarantee with or without light […]

14 Steps to Preventing Office Hazards

Your employees sit behind a desk most of the day, working on computers and talking on the phone. Accidents should be rare – it’s not as if your employees lift heavy boxes or drive heavy equipment. Just because most of your employees work in cubicles doesn’t mean that there aren’t safety hazards that could lead to a workers compensation claim. With a little preparation and planning, you can easily prevent these office hazards. Falls, Slips, and Trips Easily the most common office injury, most falls, slips, and trips are also one of the most easily avoidable. Keep aisles and walkways clear of clutter from boxes, files, and other equipment. Don’t stretch electrical cords across walkways. If you have no other option but to make them stretch, tape them down to the floor and cover them completely. Don’t stand on chairs to reach something, especially a chair with wheels. Small stepladders or larger ladders should be used to reach something in […]

The History of Workers Comp

Modern workers’ compensation insurance as you know it has a much longer history than you may realize. It’s not a purely American invention, and as history shows, workers’ compensation is an issue that affects all developed nations. Many of the basic tenets of workers’ compensation date back thousands of years. Ancient History Compensation for injured workers dates back to 2050 BC in ancient Sumer – we now know it as Iraq. Specific compensation was offered for injured workers and was based on the body part affected and the type of injury. A thumb was worth less than a finger. A finger was worth less than a hand. Greek, Roman, and Chinese laws developed similar compensation models. They made a distinction between impairments when a worker lost the function of a body part and disabilities which meant a loss of ability to perform certain tasks. These ideas are still seen in our modern workers’ compensation laws. Middle Ages By the Middle […]

Prevent Employee Burnout & Reduce Your Risk

Every business has employees that go above and beyond by taking on as much work as they can handle and going the extra mile every single day. You also have those times when you don’t have enough people to keep up with production. Everyone has to take on more responsibility and do more every day. Both of these scenarios, when not handled properly, can lead to employee burnout. Left unchecked, burned out employees are at higher risk for workplace accidents and workers compensation claims. What is Burnout? Burnout occurs when an employee, or anyone, works too long and too hard without rest, leading to physical or emotional exhaustion. It can occur under stressful working conditions – such as being understaffed for too long or not having all the tools necessary to effectively complete their job. It also happens when an employee takes on more work, for different reasons, and is allowed to work themselves to exhaustion. Signs of burnout are […]

Workers Comp Claims and Your Holiday Party

Everyone was having a great time. “Best party of the year” is what you heard all night. It was until one of your people climbed up on a ladder to adjust a decoration and came crashing down. Now, everyone’s lost their buzz, an ambulance is on the way, and you’re worried about your employee and your workers comp insurance. The annual holiday party is supposed to be a time to unwind, relax, and socialize with your employees. It can be a great morale booster and a way to celebrate major accomplishments from the year. It’s all fun and games until someone has a little too much to drink, slips and falls, and hurts themselves – and you’re left wondering if a workers comp claim has to be filed or not. That answer depends on a variety of things, most of which come down to how you planned and organized the party. When To File a Workers Comp Claim Every state […]

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