South Carolina Worker's Compensation

Insurance can be a challenging part of doing business.  We make it our goal to take the guesswork out of the process for each of our clients.  Each of our clients comes to us with a particular set of needs.  We then work through the process to determine which coverage options are the most important, identify the appropriate insurance company, develop loss control plans and work through tailor fitting a program to those needs.  Our clients are grateful for the support they get from our office as it is so much more than just buying an insurance policy.

We also explain the importance of the insurance programs selected and why.  For example, some clients might need to satisfy the Jones Act or USL&H.  This is required for every marine type of business.  Many insurance carriers don’t offer coverage that will satisfy this language.  We know the carriers who will write this.  Also, when do you need to carry coverage?  Why?  We can help all of the way through the process.

For example: When state laws require that you carry workers compensation, you need to remember that even part time employees and sometimes contract workers count. For instance, in the state of South Carolina any employer that regularly employs 4 or more workers are required to carry coverage. This applies to four part-time or full-time employees. Each state has specific laws that will apply to sub-contractors and sole proprietors; you can access this and other helpful information at:

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