Texas Worker's Compensation

Texas workers compensation laws are different from every other state. In Texas, you have the choice to insure your business with a workers comp policy or an alternative to workers comp. The alternative is called Occupational Accident insurance, or Occ Acc.

As an alternative to workers comp, occupational accident provides many of the same coverages but does not have the statutory limits and protections in place that at traditional comp policy might offer. If you find yourself with an injured worker you might be in the position of having to pay for portions of your defense or the settlement itself. Under workers compensation policies you will have statutory limits to protect your business.

While the alternative may seem to be attractively priced, the savings may or may not be worth it. We work with many clients who believe the occupational accident program is perfect for their business and others want more protection.

We can help you decide which is right for you as we develop your insurance program.

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